Our first ever residency... Throwback Thursdays at the Boathouse

Black Sabbath favourites added to the setlist!

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All summer long we are at the Boathouse in Victoria Park every other Thursday night. Each show has a new theme with a feature set of songs that is a throwback to some epic musicians and tunes.

The next show Thursday July 26th is a little heavier than our usual fare - Black Sabbath.  These songs and this music has inspired generations of rockers... and it's fun to play :)

Stay for the whole night and enjoy some of our other classic rock favs and originals.

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What are people saying?

Thanks for the cool comments about our Zeppelin show Thursday night.  I think we’re still blushing.  Can’t wait to see you on the 31st.

“That was the second-best performance of Over the Hills I’ve ever seen.  The first one was ‘68 at the Kitchener Aud by Led Zeppelin.”

“We had no idea when we saw you setting up that you were the band.  Then you started playing and we couldn’t believe it.”

“I’m really glad we decided to go for a walk in Victoria Park tonight or we never would have heard you and come in to see this show.”

“I saw you guys for the first time last night and you honestly rocked my world.  Your collective talent is indescribable.  It was one of the best live performance experiences of my life.”

“I saw this band last night at the boathouse and I’m going to *try* to restrain myself here:  this band kicked ass.  I mean, take-your-breath-away good.  And they play vintage rock and blues and the singer… her voice literally gave me chills…”

“We are coming to every one of these Throw Back Thursday shows.  What’s next weeks theme?”  VF: RockBand (songs from the game)


What's up Next? 

Special Blues Fest time!

May 17th - Led Zeppelin

May 31st - RockBand the videogame

June 14th - The Who

June 28th - Riff Rock

July 12th - Rush

July 26th - Black Sabbath

August 9th Dinner Show 5-7 - Blues Fest

August 23rd - wait to see...